My Week v April 19-25

Completely meaningless post other than to type something once a week. I’ll have a more in-depth thoughtful entry later this week, promise.

I conclude this week with six runs, 30 miles, my lengthiest long run in over two years and a lone achy ankle (totally out of the blue).

I’d like to think my cats are proud of me, but common knowledge leads me to believe they just want to be fed. Editor’s note: they did.

The only thing that grinds my gears is that due to my travel schedule this coming week, I will have to (this is assuming the hotel has one) get my long run in via tredmill for the third straight week. Last week and this week I waited out a headache by which point it was 6:45p and growing dark, and the cold rain today was not something I wanted to take part in for fear of a cold in a busy week such as this.

So my ankle last night as I got off the treadmill felt like it had been healing after rolling it (the only way I can describe it); it’s a cracking hard locking feeling. This came out of nowhere, so I’m not pleased. Then today it didn’t really bother me until about the sixth mile, and the wheels came off at that point. Grumble. Icing helps a bit, but we shall see where this goes. I’d prefer away, but when do I get what I want?

Next week I will be attempting to shift my runs to the morning, as this week was dominated by post 7 p.m. jaunts. Gotta get used to that, except for the days I lift in the morning.
And fair dues to Hossa, I didn’t see that as being a suspend-worthy hit as it happened.