I’ve decided to turn running into homework

I know what I know, and I know what I know best. I will be spending the next ten weeks amping up my social media commitment to me and how that relates to the creation of placing one foot in front of the other. Might include some video and some audio so as to differentiate things from time to time, but I enjoy what I do, so if I need to force myself to do such, then so be it.

For every run, an entry. For every movement and recollection of a race that moved me (trust me, I've got a lot), I'll share.

This week:

For the first time since perhaps September (and even I don’t know if that’s true or not), I ran twice this week. Gasp.

Monday had me enveloped in a quick cool run to my apartment and down and around to the FAC via Morgan as, sheepishly, I forgot if I had turned off my toaster oven after I left in the morning.
Petrified that I would return home post class to a charred-up apartment, I bolted over to my palatial estate to discover no such oven had been left on. I fear adding paranoia to the list of my insanity, but I’m certain it would fit in nicely.

Then today (Sunday) I let the feel of chalk dust from the past two days weigh me down for far too long into my day before lacing up and taking to the utmost gorgeous streets at around 6:30. Went down to the lakefront and south a ways.

I felt some tightness in my knees, but it was more of a “um, yeah…what’s this level of exertion you are putting us through, eh?” than more of a pain. I’m being responsible, though and currently icing as I type (left knee has a mixed veggie assortment while right, the one that was noticeably more tighter, has the denser bag of frozen strawberries).

It’s amazing what sort of difference in regards to energy levels I have between morning runs and those at night; I have run all of three times now this year (can’t forget that time back in January) but every step felt springy. I tried to remain a bit more conservative in my movement, but instead of a more marathon-type shuffle, I kept finding myself with quick turnover (but never bouncing too badly) like a 5k-er.

I took pause near the southbound portion of the park that abuts the entry to the Shedd, just to soak in the skyline. I love this city, and I love it even more when I have moments to myself to appreciate where I work, live and (even sometimes get to) play.

Looking ahead: Another tight week with a pair of three-game SB series, one midweek and one over the weekend, three nights of classes and then on Sunday, my return to the road via the Shamrock Shuffle.
We’ll see how it goes. Another lesson in humility, I suppose, but all the same, it’s my own damn fault for not forcing the issue and getting myself outside. I didn’t even allow myself to have a snow run. Silliness. 


  1. I can't wait to read all about your exploits, Zoe. I really enjoyed the first installment. Good luck at the "Shuffle".
    Mike G.


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