3.55 Miles, 2x Circut

3.55 Miles, 33:50 (9:30 pace)
Out 16:59 (9:32)
Back 16:50 (9:27)

Stretched, then closed out the morning with 2 sets of a delightful circuit. 

Just crossed out my third DNS race of 2012. Dissatisfied is the only way to put it.

So today I am trying from scratch, even if my feet/lower body/self hurts (without forcing it).
I mean really from scratch; it is hard to turn my brain and memory off, but I think I have to give it a try for the sake of future running me.

Slow milage buildup progression, here we go....

After some time away (Mike can attest to the gross size and shape of the side of my knee if he so chooses though I doubt he will...he was freaking out more than I was), I laced up my shoes and took to the streets of Oak Park. Time over on this end of the Oak Park/River Forest/Forest Park collective grows short before moving into our home, and it was far too beautiful out to remain in my sun room rowing or bounding about to the dulcet tones of Shawn T. I shall Insanitize tomorrow, promise.

I declared today to be the first real day of fall due to wearing pants yesterday (which, I was deeply saddened by) and really took note of the leaves on the parkways. I went out a bit later than normal only so as to avoid the comings and goings of schoolchildren and their crazed/crappy driving parents. Nice and quiet out on the western half of Oak Park, I wouldn't yet say it is cool out but it felt so much nicer out (yup, 2 hours later weather.com has humidity at a delightful 39%. I will TAKE IT!) and was easier on my piddly lungs.

Ran back nine seconds faster than on the way out. Shrug, it's a start.