4 Miles

4 Miles, Watch Left Behind

Between the very slow process of moving, redoing a kitchen and general day-to-day things traipsing in my way, I haven't been very motivated to run in the last few weeks. Today felt like an exception, seeing as the weather was practically begging for a quick jaunt. It's the end of October and its in the mid 70s while raining. Does that really happen? Yesterday I noticed a slight chance of snow leering off at the edge of the 10 day forecast, so I knew I had to take advantage of short + shirt weather while I could. 

I really love the way leaves look on the ground while wet, slightly glossy before they start to get torn apart (especially on sidewalks) and brown. The jarring juxtaposition of color and shape all around kinda gets to you, especially when it seemed like everything started to change color a bit later this year. 

The odd, boney bump of the back of my right foot is bothering me again. Im going to take a stab at an older pair of shoes and dig out what little padding remains, akin to what people do with bunions to see if that helps. 

I keep wanting each week to be the start of my base, but something always arrises. If I can get two more short runs in this week, I'll consider that a start.