My Week Of Perpetual Motion, and/or What Moves Me

Three runs, including my long one, on a treadmill this week. Not too pleased about that, but pleased that it beat the alternative of not getting a run in. The good thing about the treadmill for my seven miler (other than the fact that I sociologically critiqued Rocky internally for an hour, thanks WGN!) was that it felt pretty good, save the pounding my knees have taken. Lungs felt fine, heart rate wasn’t too high and my stride was intact throughout and I only started to tighten up slightly with about three quarters of a mile to go. I’ll call the week a success, other than the missed run on Wednesday (should have run in the am, but then the softball game at Northern went late and I didn’t get in until after 9), so I’ll move on.

Nothing earth shattering, but I’ll be interested in how tomorrow’s Boston Marathon plays out. If anything, it’s framed my next elongated post on my top five favorite and least favorite runners of all time.

To conclude this evening, I spent the past two days being subjected to what I consider to be utterly horrendous walk-up music by the UIC softball team. So I’ll put these top three out there:

This would totally be my walk-up song. Now while the video is trippy, the opening as well as the chorus gets it done for me. The Odd Couple is easily one of my favorite albums of the past two years with the whole retro vibe thing, but I just like the opening shift from spaghetti western to 60s soul in less than 10 seconds in this song.

In the runner up position and a more mainstream selection,

Guero is my ultimate summer album, and this is such a great opener. It does what a walk-up should do; get you pumped up and create some energy in a very short amount of time.

But, deep down, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hear someone walk out to this…and what better person than me? (Please, get through at least 30 seconds of this and then you can consider yourself cultured for the day. )

One of Mike's co-workers asks candidates during an interview what they would select as their walk-up song. If I am ever in a position of power to do such, I totally will ask the same.