Why is weather.com in Centigrade all of a sudden?

Not going to skirt around the issue, haven’t been in a great place lately. The last entry was the last time I ran, and now it’s almost April. Suffice it to say I have yet to run since.

I’m currently in the midst of my spring break, so it appears—I finished my winter quarter up last week with another set of As. Really odd to just have them pile up like that, especially given my history of a lack of stellar grades. I really thought I would have been able to take a few days off this week—softball is moving away from solely weekend travel and now transitions into midweek and weekend play; such will be the case until mid-May.

I would have liked to have gone to North Carolina, the site of my displaced gentlemen friend for the next 24 days, at least. I’ve been very sullen about his situation (he was sent off to work on a month-long power plant outage with four days warning) and I have nowhere to displace my anger.

The only thing that claims my interest (both literally and figuratively) is school. Three more classes greet me starting next week until early June.

Mondays: Interactive Projects.
Description - This course will introduce students to the process and issues involved in creating interactive design projects for clients. We will look at strategies to understand clients’ needs and reactions to our proposals, as well as strategies to remain flexible and focused when doing difficult projects or when working for difficult clients. We will investigate how various project stakeholders, contractors, employees and outside consultants engage with the life cycle of a project. We will also be putting interactive projects in a historical context, looking at how we got where we are today, particularly over the last fifteen years which have been so critical to the development of the industry. Areas covered will include theoretical developments, changing technology, and current and past 
definitions of successful projects.

Tuesdays: New Media and Market Dynamics
Description - This course will examine the changing dynamics of consumer-media-marketer relations and the impact of digital interactivity on content production and distribution, advertising, and commerce.   Students will explore each of these areas in order to understand the emergence of new business models and the reshaping of traditional connections between consumers, media content, and advertising. The course will use real-time market case studies, problems-solving assignments, and entrepreneurial strategies to examine marketplace challenges. The course seeks to provide students with an analytical context for their individual pursuits and studies.

Thursdays: Social Media Content Strategy
Description - The course examines practices of crafting social media content and designing social media writing campaigns.  Students will explore best practices for social bookmarking, blogging, microblogging and social news with an emphasis on how the structural features of the technologies can be leveraged for targeted message creation.  The course will then examine the convergence of social media writing genres, and provide students with tools to discern which platforms to use for specific rhetorical situations.  Finally, students will review current trends in social media campaigns, develop frameworks for the creation and production of a social media campaign, and assess its impact within a target network.

It’s really frustrating getting to absorb useful information in class and not have the means to enact such professionally. Near the end of last quarter in my graphic design course, I really started to question if gaining this degree is really worth it, especially when my skills and abilities are unwanted and will be “severely reduced” moving forward.

I know and have been told I take things too personally. I wish that was a trait that can just be shut off. It makes the hard times hurt more, sucks the life out of the room. I feel like I’m writing at a fifth grade level, if that. This blog layout is horrible. May.be my social media class will force me to write with purpose, at least academically.

I’m going to go on a run tomorrow. Maybe such will spark the mind.