Springtime Movement...Or Lack Thereof

An ironic title as the past two days have been met with bodily resistance in the form of a cold/allergies. It’s amazing how much of a drain such is on you physically; my limbs hang heavy and merely…well, ache.

Sadness is the lack of a Tuesday lunch run for the fourth-consecutive week. So much for consistency.  Hip tightness is starting to improve, at least was as of last run. Hoping to get out and get at least a pair of runs in this week. It’s hard to believe that this 10 miler is a month away.

I walked by a riding lawnmower as it spun around to trim a three-foot patch of grass up in the Lincoln Park campus this afternoon, and one of my favorite smells hit me. The scent of freshly cut grass, especially the first whiff of the season helps me know its actually spring. I could care less about the raining (as long as its over 60, doesn’t bother me) but its helpful to know that warmer weather is ahead.

By this weekend, I feel like I’ll be completely caught up and present with all my coursework. Sad that it’s already halfway through the quarter. To have six weeks between the fall and winter term, then a lone week of spring break bridging winter to spring…brutal. Don’t know if I would have made it as an undergrad. 

I write this from a iMac in a DePaul lab (a room where I have had five of my eight courses thus far in this educational journey) and I have to say the keyboard/mouse combo is unsettling. Too flat and the mouse is uninviting to the curvature of my hand. Not to mention the fact that I almost crashed the pretty computer (its one of the new iMacs, not a throwback to the ones colored like fruit that I so desperately wanted) off the desk and onto my lap by shifting my weight at the base of the desk. That would have been hard to explain. 

Now I drift off to my New Media Market Dynamics course. I feel like I'm in a fog; hopefully my mini presentation fails to reflect such and/or my level of bullshitery is up to snuff.