Staying Social: My 1000th Tweet

Today is a big day. Not only is this the first run I’ve had in a week, but more interestingly in a professional sense, today I compose my 1,000th tweet. For the occasion, I give you my prepared statement on the milestone:

“I am very humbled in front of my digital contemporaries present today, staying true to communicating things I find interesting.”

127 characters will have to suffice. 

Discovered a new social running component, present already on the right hand side of this page. I like it’s digital simplicity and in a way, it forces me to elaborate on my daily runs elsewhere. Thanks, daily mile.
The fact that I have now been consistent with running over my lunch break on Tuesdays for three consecutive weeks is self-impressive .  Those who know me certainly are aware of my incredible levels of indecisiveness and uncertainty, but to remain committed with a specific timeframe for working out in spite of a very long day (my Tuesday class does not let out early), that says something about what I’m slowly but surely trying to get going here.

And of all days, too. Raining for most of the morning, wind howling, scraping not one but both of my office window panes as a constant reminder of “hey, in case you were unaware, its gross outside!” I used my keen Skillingskills to predict the time of lowest precipitation and suited up for the great outdoors.

If I have yet to mention it, I am avoiding treadmills at all cost from this point on. I feel that the harder repetitive surface is what flared up last year’s super-happy-ankle funtime prior to the ten miler, and I would like to avoid repeating such. 

So, with no interest in running on a treadmill (probably should state that my legs have gone a few days without shaving—a massive neurotic pet peeve of mine) alongside individuals who walk on an incline in cutoff tshirts, clutching walkmans…ah, off track—focus! –I suited up and headed outdoors.

I didn’t want to place too much thought into running with the wind in my face or my back, especially with the thoughts of Boston still fresh in my mind. So I just went, bounding along Halsted with very few people in my way. 

Up and over the bridge on 18th street that spans the river, my go-to lone incline of merit round these parts. Can feel my core connected with the run; I am amazed at how just naturally strong I am internally without really offering much workout support to the ab region. Makes me wonder if I ever purposefully engaged that region what the end results could be.

Down to Indiana and back to Halsted, up to Roosevelt is around four miles; I like this U-shaped course starting at the FAC; feels safe but considerably isolated at the right portions of the run. For five miles, I turn up Michigan off of 18th street and go all the way to Roosevelt and repeat, but I wanted to take it a bit easier this afternoon, especially with the risk of rain returning during the end of my trek.

The best part of my run was the “A-ha!” moment of invention and innovation that struck me at 18th and Canal, which I hope to eventually share over the next few weeks. It is the basis for my business model project for my New Media Market Dynamics course, and I have to say, it’s potentially a brilliant idea, both in theory and in practice. Stay tuned.

As a personal, vocalized aside, I’d like to start recounting favorite memories from runs and races of yore, mainly to start compiling these thoughts while I can still access them in whichever lobe they reside. I’m starting to feel old and forgetful. Consider that a Wednesday goal.