Five Photos

Consider this a throw-away entry if you will, but as I went through my phone's photo album, I realized I rather like what miniscule photos I take. First three, very recent. Last two, timeless.

I-65 Windmills. 
Have now passed them four times in three weeks (there and back from Dayton, repeat heading down to Louisville). They are fascinatingly surreal, especially because they weren't there back when milk cost a quarter and I drove down to school all the time. 

Non twig/berry-based Eastering. 
I was completely aghast upon learning that my Mike had never, EVER dyed Easter eggs. Had to put an end to that. And I did. Thanks, plentiful IKEA glasses!

How to learn how to draw blood.
I consistently have to look up how to spell the word phlebotomy, because I can't recall any time I attempt to type out what my younger sister has spent her year gaining certification in as a means of becoming more experienced in a lab setting. For the record, she drew my blood and was better than some nurses I've had stab me as of late.

One Cat.
An oldie, but still one of my favorite photos of Quincy. So proud of his destruction, his understanding of grouping next to a small fan with the hint of color from a nearby rug, superb. 

Two Cats.
Perspective is fun to play with. And Pele looks so damn concerned he won't be fed.


  1. Thank god there is no photo of me...I thought for sure my Chipotle picture would be on here. Thank you!


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