Flipity Flipity Flipity Flap

I started doing Pilates a few years ago as a means of breaking up the monotony of my workout and a different means of attacking my abs, but deviated from consistently doing such out of fear of mockery of anyone I might be living with at the time.  

With my hips being very tight over the past half year, dusting off a dvd and attacking it once again might prove to be a solid match…or so was the thought this morning. Half an hour later, eek. Still not an easy task. But, making silly noises to match the equally silly movements one is required to make (such as “the hundred” seen about a minute in to the linked video) came back to me like the adage about riding a bike. 

We all need ways to pass the time, even when working out.  When I was in prime shape (sad that such is veering in on a decade ago), I used to sing to myself on longer runs.  This would evolve into a game of creating different versions, words and tunes to whatever the initial song was, based on my breathing, a passer byer, etc. what have you. It’s probably why I greatly dislike running with an mp3 player anymore; I like creating my own internal playlist. 

Finally, a last point of pilating note: Quincy the feline was an uber fan of sitting right on my shoulder as I splayed out on my little mat, even with limbs flailing and flopping. I can never escape cat hair, even in sweaty situations. 

Wondrous day out there. Maybe I’ll run post class. Hard to believe I only have six weeks remaining in the quarter.