The Inevitable Presence Of Profession

It would be very easy to blame the end of the streak on the Blogger downtime, but alas, it was good while it lasted. Last weekend worked out due to the expansive amount of downtime for me whilst on the road in Dayton. This week, not so much; all I can do is start it up again.

From Wednesday until this afternoon, I spent a good deal of time in the Loyola Softball Park press box, watching the UIC softball team win their first league championship since 2004. Such included an eight hour day on Saturday with a partially finished contest, a very cold me and at least an eventual positive outcome for the players. 

Having (initially before play was pushed back an hour) needed to arrive to the field with ample time before play resumed this morning at 10, there wasn’t much possibility for me to go on a run before trekking up to Rogers Park this morning. Sure, an excuse, but still not feeling the morning running –especially in misty drizzle.
It is very hard to fathom what my sense/ownership of time would/will be like if I transitioned into a more traditional workspace. Given that I have only been in this line of work with unpredictable hours and locales in my professional career, I don’t know how I would adjust if I were suddenly out of such. I’d like to think it would be a positive transition, but I don’t know. I often ask fellow blog creature Stockyard John what it’s like, given that he moved on to a 9-5 job not that long ago. He provides mixed thoughts.

I can’t say I feel completely devoid of a consistent schedule, especially with school at night being a constant, but the dichotomy of wanting an existence with a touch more predictability while wanting the option of variety and opportunity doesn’t really gel well. I’m all about fairness and balance. I just don’t know what it’s like in the working world.

This upcoming weekend will most likely feature a good amount of travel with time constraints, pushing me to potentially run at an odd hour, if at all. The past two days I was beyond frozen and sore (woke up this morning with very creaky legs, I’m old) and just could not motivate myself outside upon concluding my duties for the day. I wonder what it would be like if I had a bit more time to lay claim to as my own. 

I’m contemplating not toeing the line for the 10 miler. I don’t like my totally sporadic preparation, which rests solely on my shoulders. It’s odd having running fall so far down my list of priorities, especially beneath that of “school”. I still think I’m 17 years old, I suppose.

So we shall see what this week brings. Might be traveling to a locale a mere two hours away or perhaps a plane ride is in my future. Probability places the Flames in Ann Arbor, which I hear has ample locations to run. Planning is all well and good, but it would probably help if I went running at all first.