Perhaps a bad move on my part, clacking away amidst the third quarter of a major Chicago sporting event. What can I say; I’ve been poorly tutored as of late. At least I know the game is going on, I suppose.

I return to my space after an extended trip to Louisville, having witnessed one of the more heartbreaking unravelings in an athletic effort I’ve seen in my tenure. Watching a pair of Flames’ softball contests at a higher level of NCAA competition might have solidified why I could never be part of a true “team” effort beyond that of a seven man (lady) cross country lineup or a relay member. It’s too hard.

The importance, depth of my trip cannot be written here. Far too personal. But at the very least, I am home and my time working events in the 10-11 season has come to a close.

Summer doesn’t start tomorrow, or so it feels. I have a few more weeks of my spring quarter remaining, instantaneously jumping into summer session. I will be taking a lone in-person course (Wednesday nights for those keeping score of my evening availability) and simultaneously taking on independent work for a small business. It’s highly exciting: I’ve been crafting a marketing model and supplemental content to create a digital presence for this entity. It would be nice to have the opportunity to do such in my 9a-5p+ life, but such is the current ebb and flow of that which is UIC Athletics.

But it will be nice to wake up and run in the morning.

I am to run the ’11 Solider Field 10 miler on Saturday. A year has past and my uncertainty about lacing up remains, just in a different format this time. School/work stress piled up in an unflattering manner. 

I’ll see how I feel when I head out in the AM (I’m hoping its raining, haven’t had a good rain run in awhile) but I’ll probably sack up and gut it out. 

…So I say with a New Belgium Ranger IPA (I heart hops) floating about the ether of my brain. Maybe I change my tune on a Monday.