A Sheepish Run Report

While today is Mother’s Day, I’ll be saving that topic for tomorrow in a longer, flushed out entry on the subject. I’d like to include photos of which I have no access to whilst in Ohio.  It’s not that I’m not timely, I’m just not prepared. Big difference. 

I shouldn’t be surprised at how my run went this morning. A lack of sleep after an inadvertently long nap yesterday afternoon, combined with no food since yesterday’s old person early dinner/late 4p lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Plentiful peanuts everywhere, shells on the floor are so excellent. Hope whomever came up with that concept got paid well. Oh! Did you know they make their workers dance? The wait staff did a really long line dance around the inner section of tables, about five minutes long. I just kept eating my chicken, but could see that being a hilariously excellent place to take someone for a birthday dinner. 

So post food, everyone departed to their rooms and I fell asleep. Woops. I wrote a sappy entry and played TV channel roulette. Fell asleep around 1 and woke up even earlier than my alarm of 7a. It would probably be helpful to learn to turn off my watches alarm as it only goes off at 5:30a CST on Sundays. Regardless, I actually got up, laced up and headed out for a run. I want to be past the point where doing such is an accomplishment. 

First mile or so, I felt physically solid and really light. I was moving nicely, balanced well between my torso and my legs (instead of solely running with my core as I am accustomed to doing).  There is not a soul on campus, and its low 50s and crisp out. Oh, and it’s really green. Lush trees and hell, a meadow. 

Halfway through still felt solid, but the route I mapped out last night wasn’t completed. I missed a road (though to be fair the names were not the same as what was posted), so I missed the connection to the bike path I wanted to travel on and ran right into a highway on ramp and ran out of road. So I turned around.
I probably got more flustered than I should have been, but I like knowing exactly where I’m going and usually have a better visual sense of direction, especially after seeing roads layed out on google maps. 

So on my way back through WSU’s campus, the understanding of the mini hillets I traveled down became much clearer. 

In a word, Ugh. I sadly stopped once, just to regain my composure and trudge on. It was not easy, but I will utilize the tired/hungry excuse a bit. I know I don’t run well on an empty stomach (its science). This whole not fully functioning on limited sleep thing is still something I’m learning to cope with, a far cry from the days of working just fine off of 3-4 hours of shuteye.

I finished strong, I will commend myself on that. I need a good run, though. Too many slow, sludge-like efforts in the past few weeks, regardless of illness/fullness/awake…ness. 

I’m a few hours from knowing if I get the privilege of sleeping in my own bed next week as the softball tournament, hosted by the regular-season champ, will be decided today, the final day of play.

Probability puts it in the hands of Loyola, but cruel fate will place it in Cleveland if the Lebronless team wins at Valpo today. Again, it comes down to the bed thing. I like mine. I’d like to sleep in it, if possible. My cats need me. So come on, Ramblers and Crusaders! Do it for me and my slumberneeds! My running will improve tenfold. And, as a sign of gratitude, I  will don a maroon and brown and mustard yellow ensemble…ok, probably not. But it’s the thought that counts, right?