Orchestrated Statement Featuring "I"

I started crafting a lengthy race-report on the 10 miler over the weekend, but other actual final projects and homework took precedent.

I started writing an emotionally-charged entry Tuesday night, but like other matters of the day I came to the conclusion that I should sleep it off, post with clarity the following day.

I was in no place to type last night. It's true, I was in a bar. I feel that the same rings true today, even though no alcohol has been intertwined into my day...yet.

I'm angry at myself, hurt and simultaneously saddened that an establishment I had been dedicated to for the past four years treated me like a second-class nothing yesterday when lesser individuals who have stolen money, had concealed weapons or poorly represented the institution  were treated with greater respect.

I've spent my day shifting through emotions, but mainly focusing on the final individual presentation I have to give this evening.Oh, and totally ensconced in cat, no matter when I am. My duo is either incredibly clingy today or that whole animal intuitive sense is dead on. And I'm a damn fine provider of scratchies.

Adam Levinson's favorite feline embraces my Business Model Canvas.

Give me a day or so to decide where I want to take this, what laundry I care to air. Maybe I'll go on a run, too.