Day Three: Avast, Ye Dust Bunnies

The past two days have been focused on pace and the ability of movement out on the road. It’s probably fitting that today, in anticipation of a heavy day of lugging furniture tomorrow, I stayed inside and rowed. 

No doubt to the whole total body workout it provides (proper form is critical), but I mainly love how strong my back feels when I’m done. Always uber sweaty, but usually feel good afterwards. I did three sets of 300 KJ over a frequency of 30 strokes a minute at level four.


Truth be told, I’ve only read a little on training whilst erging (oh yeah) and I pretty much workout based on feel…or overwhelming presence of cat hair being blown about by the fan. I’ll dally between a more endurance-based effort or shorter interval stuff, and today was somewhere in the middle.

A few years back when I moved downtown, I looked into taking actual rowing lessons up in Lincoln Park in the fall. But like many things over the past four years, work schedule –primarily afternoons of volleyball and soccer – prevented such from becoming a reality. 

It’s slightly ironic, especially when I worked with folks who would get drunk and not do their work the most drunken holiday of the year or couldn’t oversee events due to tennis league, but not taking classes on learning how to row for a few weeks in September pretty much defines my tenure: I avoided potential conflict between that whole work/life balance so well that life outside of work ceased entirely.

It’s certainly a process in action, but I’m committed to moving on from that unbalanced mentality. Hell, I swore it off before June but have yet to achieve it.  Because it’d be nice to actually row out on water instead of confined to a few dusty feet.  

What’d I do? Set a goal to actually row, row, row in a boat in 2012.