Farewell to the Crutch of Being Too Busy

So the last 30 days, I’ve done things yet not scribed a single post.

What have I done, exactly? Lazy bullet point time!

- I completed the redesign of my portfolio site, which you can see here at zoeakind.com! I very much love it, as I feel there is a nice blend of fun/personality and actual information kinda showing off what I like to do and have to offer. The next step will probably be integrating a back-end and figuring out the place of a blog. I like this space, but I’d rather everything be interconnected and together on one site. 

I’d love to know what you think. Really. Lemmie know. Here, there, anywhere.

-       - I wrote my (I suppose) final paper of what the purpose and meaning behind images of the dead mean in the present and back alongside the advent of photography in the mid 1800’s, utilizing the very bizarre Camera Lucida (translated from French, I am not that good) as my guiding argumentThe content I was analyzing was considerably harrowing, so please don’t come away from the previous paragraph thinking I’m some sort of lover of the macabre as I am very much the opposite.  There was an instance on the one occasion my family traveled up to Manitoba to visit relatives there. In the home of my great uncle, my siblings and I were flipping through random photo albums, looking at people and a life we had no notion of then or really ever after. At one point, he freaked out when we reached a certain book or section and took it away. Later, we learned it was the section from my great aunt’s funeral, including images of her laid out in the funeral home. I’ve always carried that in the back pocket of my mind, the question of why take a photo of something you don’t want anyone to see?  It found its place in this class.  I feel like I took a deep breath, submerged myself and came back up to the surface 12ish pages later. I got an A, so it was either successful or my professor just shrugged me off as unhinged. The world will never know.

-      - Thus, with the previous pair of bullet points, I completed my graduate studies. Grades were posted so I’m legit, awaiting my diploma in the next 6-8 weeks.  I’m not quite sure the physical location of my undergrad degree (hmm. Probably should find it), so I might take a bit more care with this one. Not sure if this is the utmost end of my prancing about academia, but for now it is.

-      - I ran the Chicago Perfect 10. What a crap race (event wise: two days before the race they announced it was to start an hour earlier + sharing the lakefront trail? Boo to all that nonsense), but in true stupid me fashion, I PR’d with no base or training. Would have been even faster but my right knee went all tight and painfully wonky in the final few miles.

A lone positive: finally took a decent photo whilst running! Totally right before my knee tightened up as my face doesn’t look contorted or silly, as it normally does…thanks Brightroom.

-      -  I had an awesome run out at Waterfall Glen on Thanksgiving. A place that was a considerable weekly occurrence during high school summer runs has been off the radar for a while now, only going back once when training for the 2007 Chicago Half. There was a good amount of foot traffic Thursday morning and the nice cool wind made for a great full loop effort. I didn’t feel too grand afterwards as both my achilles have decided to go all tight and uncomfortable after runs, but I ran yesterday and didn’t feel too bad. I’m guessing it has to do with my shoes that have a much more defined heel cup than I’ve run in before.

-       - Momentarily, I will be signing up for the coup de grace of my non-planned out running phase of life in the form of the Illinois Half on April 28. Looking forward to this one, as some very nice people will be trekking down to Chambanaland as well. 
Not worth a bullet point by itself, but I crafted up a conservative base building schedule for myself over the winter. I’m excited to for cold snow runs (that I didn’t once last year speaks to how out of sorts things were) when others are on treadmills or not running at all. Yeah, winters in Chicago aren’t the greatest but I totally miss that sense of pride and character building by going out and feeling like you’ve done something…mainly by virtue of being covered in your own frozen snot and a slight loss of feeling in your fingertips. Invigorating.

In less interesting bullet points:
- I’m more or less totally unpacked and moved in. I say that sitting beside a few unpacked Tupperware amidst a disheveled office, but it feels like home. Floors creak like crazy and there was no heat for awhile, but all is good again.

-      - Been cooking and baking like a banshee. I am awesome.  And making Mike fat. He doesn’t seem to mind.

-      - I have started applying for full time positions.  

Bullet points are an unsatisfying means of communication. This was like the worst PowerPoint presentation in the world.  That is all for now. I’ll pick back up with more running-focused efforts from this point forward.