Dusty Blog

3.2 Miles, 30:32 (9:38 pace)

First and foremost, this is what happens when one neglects a blog for far too long. You can't see it, but the format on the back end of things has changed and I greatly dislike that which I am unfamiliar with! Curses, digital progress!

Secondly, I have decided to shake off the cobwebs forming around my sense of fitness and wellbeing and have begun working out regularly, with today marking my first run in...wow. Since May. I ran once in May, so DailyMile tells me. I feel like maybe I took a jog in June, but shrug. Wasn't worth remembering, I guess.

Today was easy, a bit over three miles there and back. Watched an Escalade completely ignore a cop car speeding towards the intersection and slammed on its breaks to avoid a spectacularly unnecessary collision.

But back to me, I suppose. Easy effort did feel easy, utilized my core a good amount and felt a nice pep in the steps (especially for such a hiatus + admittedly carrying more weight on my frame than I'm used to). Followed it up with the plyometric cardio workout with my dear DVD buddy, Shaun T. Started up Insanity again from the beginning, so I think at this point, I'll be doing just simple, SIMPLE efforts and get my legs and lungs back while slowly building up milage for something worth doing in late fall (Oct/Nov).  In a rather short amount of time, its amazing to feel progress...and seeing the work that remains to be done.

I will need to be amending my sidebar 2012 races with two crossed off non-efforts, as I did not start either the Illinois Half or the Soldier Field 10 miler. Reason why may be addressed at a later time, but I think it would be counter productive to get into such now.  At this point, I say "Hi!" to my blog, enter in my run, and now I collapse in bed.