4 Miles

4 Miles, 38:53 (9:43 pace)
Out 19:14 (9:37)
Back 19:39 (9:49)

I felt overheated, heavy and extremely tight on my right Achilles and big toe, so I somewhat shut it down on the way back. Stopped for water right as I turned around and about a mile later, momentarily pausing to watch a high school girls tennis match at a park. When there is no noticeable difference between bad high school and bad college tennis, I think that tells you something.

I've been toying with the notion of tying this blog into my own website and creating essentially an all-me network, complete with actually utilizing my wordpress creative blog and utilizing this for all things running. Not sure though, but it would be nice to keep things a bit more cohesive. Oh well, something to ponder.