3.5 Miles

3.5 Miles - Watch Left Behind

We have this way about us in the Midwest in regards to our weather. It amazes us to no end, does it not? One of the few things we refrain from being polite about, too.

Bragging about the snowstorms that make us tougher, the blustery spring that never quite starts when its supposed to...complain about the warm weather, but then on a day like today we welcome such with open arms and try and hang on to something we know is fleeting.

There are lows in the 30s this weekend but it is currently 78 degrees outside. How could I not enjoy what may be one of those last warm days of the year? Would have benefited from some nicer, more cheerful passers-by, but oh well. I enjoyed myself.

I followed through with a move of intelligence and wore a different pair of shoes that are a bit looser in the heel (my mizunos have a more defined heel cup which I really liked last year when I got them) and lo, didn't feel any pain back there at all. Nice feeling. I have self-diagnosed myself with some sort of bursitis and am trying to keep my ever-delicate feet as happy as possible.

I felt a nice spring to my step for the first 1 1/2 or so, then felt a bit heavier in my legs. I'm working on my mental approach to my daily outings and while it still isnt easy getting out the door, every little aspect helps.

An early morning tomorrow followed by some days of heavier moving will put things in jeopardy the rest of the weekend. But I'm still aiming for two more runs for the week.