4 Miles

4 Miles: 38:31 (9:38 Pace)
Out   19:30 (9:45)
Back 19:01 (9:30)

Between a general lousy feeling, no breakfast in my gut and the oddity that was me running yesterday, I didn't really do much on my first half. Was actually set on the notion that hey, if things are not feeling well at 1.5m, you can just turn around....better than nothing sort of mentality. Felt good, weather was a bit nicer today than yesterday (knee tights and a shirt) and I'm enjoying the smell of fall.

Knee was a bit tight (wasn't yesterday) but no headache. I'll consider it a victory.

Not sure what the remainder of the week will bring with some travel and a brief stay in Oxford, but I'd like to get one lil run in whilst there. It's "fall break" (i.e. no Friday classes but no one really went to Thursday classes so whatever) so hopefully students are at a minimum. At least that was the plan when scheduling this mini vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I'm looking forward to a long weekend in San Francisco in January. I'm hoping to be in a bit better of shape so I could try a run or two whilst there...I hear there are hills. Oh Chicago, why don't you have anything resembling a hill?