3.38 Miles

3.38 Miles
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Bought a pair of 3/4 length tights on sale this weekend and decided to break them in. Worked well for pants without a drawstring at the waist. It didn't end up drizzling (as it had in the 15 minutes prior to me heading out) as I thought it may so I was a bit overdressed, oh well.

It's odd, seeing as I used to run the same route a few years back when I was renting a place a mere few blocks from my abode. Felt new and different, especially as the views said fall but the air and the smell of a mini rain said spring.

My lungs hurt. Days of particleboard fibers and paint mist horrendously coating things within must be horrible. Everything else felt pretty good; even the back of my heels stayed happy for the most part.

Things are a bit more settled, hopefully even more so in the coming weeks. I'd like to regain fitness, so I shall.