3.51 Miles

3.51 Miles
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If anything can be determined from my piss poor training over the summertime, it is that I deeply dislike warm weather running. I've never been good in it, seeing as I never seem to adjust to the humidity even at my most consistant running efforts. When every run feels so lumpy and heavy physically and mentally, athletic morale takes a beating and goals/plans get derailed.

That being said, today was awesome. Stepping out the door, weather.com said it felt like 19 degrees. Yup. I am a lover of layering, very happy for that real cold stuff that I will gripe about in non-running terms (my feet will not regain a normal temperature until about...May).

There is something wonderful about that first time during the colder months when you can really feel the chill in your lungs, coating internal things with each inhalation. I got that today, in tights and dryfit things that need to be a bit more dusted off after emerging from clothing hibernation.

I almost feel settled. Well, as much as possible. Still boxes everywhere, but hopefully with a purpose (is there a specific grace period for when its no longer acceptable to have such about after moving in?). Looking forward to the first snow run and by virtue of having a fireplace (this is exciting), sitting by it after a cold effort outdoors. And as I type that, the weekend forecast is back in the 50s. Of course.