3 Sets 2x800 Wednesday Speedwork - 7/24

Nice to be back on the track after a few warm weeks away. Mile warm up, 2 laps dynamic warm ups, stretch, striders x 4. Did about 100m in between 800s, did a lap in between sets. 2 lap cool down (felt lazy).

Set one: 3:24, 3:34
Set two: 3:27, 3:28
Set three: 3:24, 3:28

Energy was low, wearing heels to work was stupid as it tightened my left leg considerably and my legs just didn't have any turnover in general. First weekday afternoon run in a while (6:30p is LATE). I was oddly consistent the first 400m on pretty much every one, coming in right at 1:40/1:41. 

Kinda felt like a crappy workout as I know there is more in the tank but really, besides the 2nd 800 (where I really pulled back) I can't complain about being pretty even-keeled. I don't know how that will translate to my 4+ mile race on Sunday, but if the weather is decent, I think I can comfortably aim for 7:15-20 pace....or be totally all over the place as usual.