Fall Training Week of September 8

Decided to change things up before I got too far into a fall training schedule that may not be the best approach for me to take this fall heading into racing season. Opted to utilize Hal Higdon's advanced build up as I think it will be a more appropriate schedule for where I'm at; challenging but not as overwhelming as far as milage is concerned.

I am a fan of the online schedules he has at pretty much every level, and I liked the layout of the week a bit better than what I was using. I'll at least keep myself accountable on some semblance of posting weekly round-up sorta things. I'm sure I'll get to general running bitchery at some point as well.

Week 1 - September 8-14, 33 miles

Monday AM - 3 miles, 8:30 pace. Stretch, Myrtl. Tennis in the evening.
Still feeling off from a warm Thursday 5k and an aimless easy eight miles on Sunday, so I decided to keep it easy. Dark and cool morning. Making me look forward to fall.

Tuesday Evening - 7x400, give or take a minute rest in between. 
2 1/2 mile warm up
1:34, 1:30, 1:32, 1:30, 1:35, 1:35, 1:31
2 1/2 cool down

Would have driven had I gone in the morning, but laziness prevailed and went to the Concordia track for the first time this year on foot. Probably for the better to be honest, as the warm up (at about 8:30 pace, it always amazes me how different the same pace feels at different times of day) felt like the perfect length to get blood flowing, head in the right place mentally after a crap work day and muscles warm, instead of feeling like the first few intervals were still part of the warm up process.

Dodged a few charmers who didn't quite understand walking on a track in the inner lanes protocol, but felt pretty good and controlled throughout. Felt like I still had some in the tank instead of totally spent, which confuses me.

As I left the track, someone from within a group that was starting to warm up called out "great run, Ragnar girl!" Took me an embarrassing long time to realize this was in reference to my shirt. Guess I forgot that other runners are aware of races. I run alone too much.

Wednesday Evening - 3.5, 8:05 pace. Stretch, Myrtl.

Thursday Evening - 4.8, 8:36 pace. Stretch. 
Was contemplating taking the day off, went out on a whim. First late(r) evening run in the dark, took a bit to get my old eyes adjusted.

Had been toying with the notion of registering for a nearby/low-fi/low-cost (the greatest race triumvirate, really), and with my new schedule calling for a tempo run on Thursday, I rationally signed up, opting for a speedier Saturday.

Friday - Off. 
I'll probably play off days by ear, either taking things off completely, opting for a good stretch or getting in some rowing when feeling antsy.

Saturday AM - Makin' Tracks 5k: 22:05 (7:05 pace).
Fourth lady, 2nd in my old person age group (27th overall, super tiny race). I don't think I'll wax on the effort more than this: It's a benchmark.

Sunday AM - 90 minutes (11.32 miles, 7:57 pace).
The long runs within this training build up are based on time, which is fine by me. The way some of the days are set up are what good ol' Hal labels as 3/1, with the first three quarters at a decent clip and the final portion at an increased pace, near race pace.

Was planning on heading to a forest preserve for unimpeded milage, but I slept through my alarm and frustratedly took to the streets of OP/FP/RF with a Clif Bar in my gut. I've had a lot more success kind of dialing in to a consistent pace once I find a groove during my long runs this year compared to last, so I liked how it felt today for an easier long effort. I'm also getting better paying attention to form and actually feel like running, compared to more shuffling.

First six: 8:28, 8:08, 8:07, 8:02, 8:05, 8:05
Last five: 7:48, 7:41, 7:41, 7:31, 7:39, 2:40 .32 (crossing Oak Park is the worst)

More to come.