Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3.5 Miles

3.5 Miles - Watch Left Behind

We have this way about us in the Midwest in regards to our weather. It amazes us to no end, does it not? One of the few things we refrain from being polite about, too.

Bragging about the snowstorms that make us tougher, the blustery spring that never quite starts when its supposed to...complain about the warm weather, but then on a day like today we welcome such with open arms and try and hang on to something we know is fleeting.

There are lows in the 30s this weekend but it is currently 78 degrees outside. How could I not enjoy what may be one of those last warm days of the year? Would have benefited from some nicer, more cheerful passers-by, but oh well. I enjoyed myself.

I followed through with a move of intelligence and wore a different pair of shoes that are a bit looser in the heel (my mizunos have a more defined heel cup which I really liked last year when I got them) and lo, didn't feel any pain back there at all. Nice feeling. I have self-diagnosed myself with some sort of bursitis and am trying to keep my ever-delicate feet as happy as possible.

I felt a nice spring to my step for the first 1 1/2 or so, then felt a bit heavier in my legs. I'm working on my mental approach to my daily outings and while it still isnt easy getting out the door, every little aspect helps.

An early morning tomorrow followed by some days of heavier moving will put things in jeopardy the rest of the weekend. But I'm still aiming for two more runs for the week. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4 Miles

4 Miles, Watch Left Behind

Between the very slow process of moving, redoing a kitchen and general day-to-day things traipsing in my way, I haven't been very motivated to run in the last few weeks. Today felt like an exception, seeing as the weather was practically begging for a quick jaunt. It's the end of October and its in the mid 70s while raining. Does that really happen? Yesterday I noticed a slight chance of snow leering off at the edge of the 10 day forecast, so I knew I had to take advantage of short + shirt weather while I could. 

I really love the way leaves look on the ground while wet, slightly glossy before they start to get torn apart (especially on sidewalks) and brown. The jarring juxtaposition of color and shape all around kinda gets to you, especially when it seemed like everything started to change color a bit later this year. 

The odd, boney bump of the back of my right foot is bothering me again. Im going to take a stab at an older pair of shoes and dig out what little padding remains, akin to what people do with bunions to see if that helps. 

I keep wanting each week to be the start of my base, but something always arrises. If I can get two more short runs in this week, I'll consider that a start. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 Miles

4 Miles: 38:31 (9:38 Pace)
Out   19:30 (9:45)
Back 19:01 (9:30)

Between a general lousy feeling, no breakfast in my gut and the oddity that was me running yesterday, I didn't really do much on my first half. Was actually set on the notion that hey, if things are not feeling well at 1.5m, you can just turn around....better than nothing sort of mentality. Felt good, weather was a bit nicer today than yesterday (knee tights and a shirt) and I'm enjoying the smell of fall.

Knee was a bit tight (wasn't yesterday) but no headache. I'll consider it a victory.

Not sure what the remainder of the week will bring with some travel and a brief stay in Oxford, but I'd like to get one lil run in whilst there. It's "fall break" (i.e. no Friday classes but no one really went to Thursday classes so whatever) so hopefully students are at a minimum. At least that was the plan when scheduling this mini vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I'm looking forward to a long weekend in San Francisco in January. I'm hoping to be in a bit better of shape so I could try a run or two whilst there...I hear there are hills. Oh Chicago, why don't you have anything resembling a hill?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Miles

3 Miles, 28:54 (9:38 pace)

Oh yeah, its fall. I like fall. Felt nice to start off a little chilled and loosen up after a mile or so. Could have benefitted from a knit hat instead of a baseball cap, but my ears will de-thaw in good time.

Been a few weeks since my last outing (I got sick, I got sick...again, I have been in the process of building a kitchen, etc.) but was surprisingly greeted by a pressure headache at about a mile and a half in...decided to just make it a 3 mile day instead of my plan of 4. I'm not a fan of such returning, seeing as it has been a good long while since such has graced my noggin during exercise, so I'll keep track of that in the mean time. Everything else felt fine.

I know what I want to accomplish, so I've decided to take the necessary steps to get there. That's all for now.